BEER HUT BREWING CO. was born simply from a love for craft beer and an obsession for home brewing.        

We enjoyed the creation and experimentation of new flavours, styles and ingredients in order to produce something quite unique to us. Our very first beer, an Irish Sea Salted IPA, was inspired by the small coastal town in which we reside and has continued to evolve to become one of our core beers. Oh! and the craic during tasting only added to the enjoyable experience! 


What started out as a bit of banter between us (Neil and Andrew) as two brothers-in-law, turned into a reality with some disagreements, late nights and serious hard graft; all with a drive to create beer we really savoured and do something we really loved. 

The name is essentially our story.

Having been kicked out of the kitchen we had nowhere to start our brewing journey, so we bough ourselves a flat pack hut and got going. Trades in plumbing and construction have been pretty favourable to so far!

Starting our brewing journey in a tiny hut we built ourselves might seem like a small step to most, but to us it was our 'Let's do this!' moment.

Next on the agenda was our equipment. We decided to fabricate this too, building out 100L kit from three pots, some silicon hose, chugger pumps and plastic barrels and then bottle conditioning our beer. We even constructed our own bottling washing machine! 

We have designed the logo and all labels too; we enjoy all the creative outlets the craft beer scene allows. In 2018, after upscaling for the first time, we jumped on the 'canned wagon' with a fresh new look deciding to purchase a canning machine and force carbonating.

We are happy to report that due to demand we have now upscaled twice to our current set up of 1000L kit consisting of dairy tanks which we have again, customised ourselves. Small to most, but each step to us is a milestone. Theres a real feeling of accomplishment when we modify equipment to suit our needs. Its probably not the easiest way, but its our way.

Most recently we took the another step forward and are currently renting space and ready for expansion once again! 2019 is already filled with new brews; Limited Edition beers to mix up our core range and exciting new collaborations!

Our goal is simple: to brew great beer that will be appreciated, to revel in the process- the highs and the lows and to enjoy the community... the craft beer community is epic!

This brewing game is damn hard work but we LOVE IT!